Top 6 Reasons why Your HDFC credit card application rejected

Top 6 Reasons why Your HDFC credit card application rejected . Today in Indian market many options were available in HDFC credit cards categories. A large number of banks were providing credit cards facility in various filed as the customer need. But as you can see that any application was rejected or denied. Because of any reason we cant say anything on it. In these cases, no one tells that you HDFC credit card request has been rejected and why. they will inform you -within 7-10 working days.

You can apply for a HDFC credit card from your home as well with your comfort level, home or office from anywhere, you can apply for it. When you received the letter from the bank that your credit card application has been rejected because of these reasons or other any reasons. in that latter, you will get your rejection point in the letter. today in credit card market the banks are giving per-approved credit cards as well.

Top 6 Reasons why Your HDFC credit card application rejected

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Top 6 Reasones why Your credit card application rejected

You will see these 6 reasons for your rejection

1). Bad credit score:

When you apply for a credit card in HDFC BANK Bank or in another bank they all were checking you credit sheet first before you accepting your application. If you have a bad accounting like having loans or credit card and you don’t pay the EMI or payments of the credit card on time. The all information about your accounts will be displayed on the screen. And your application will be rejected. You Can Check Your Credit Card Score Result HERE
Check your CIBIL before applying for a credit card and always make the sure check once only.
Credit card report:
a) Bad credit score:
*You credit score is always depending on you accounts credit.
* The credit score between 300 to 900. If you have 750 or 750+ then you are eligible for applying for a credit card.
b). Financial delinquency:
Not only credit is matter, the bank also looks in your account that if you have a loan or credit card how frequent you are to paying your payment.
* If you were not paid you EMI for 60 or 90 days from five years ago it won’t hit you that bad as that only one from your last six months
c). Too many inquire: If you are inquired for so many time in a short period of time then it will hit your credit score. Don’t inquire so many times at the Same time it hits your credit score. Never try to apply for credit card or loan from all banks at a time, your HDFC credit score will go down.
Tip: before applying for a credit card always check your credit score, if you have 750 or 750+ credit score you can apply it because 750 is good enough for applying for a credit card or a loan.

2.Unstable Job:

Without consistent of your work is also a reason why your HDFC credit card application is rejected
* The banker look for repayments but also look at your job as well that how consistent you are with your work.
* Switching the jobs in every six months, is it good for you, applying for a HDFC credit card or a loan.
* In the current situation banks required minimum six months of work at one place with one or two year experience.
Tip: before applying check the stability of your job, make sure you have last six months salary slip with you with the current job.

3. Low Income:

*Your application also depends on your income as well.
*If you are applying for a higher credit card or loan and you don’t meet the criteria of the bank.
*These are the most common in HDFC credit cards rejections.
Tip: Appling for a credit card or a loan check before that you eligible for that credit card or the loan.You can check credit cards and eligibility at HDFC top 5 credit card.

4). Don’t Meet The Minimum Age Criteria:

*The minimum age for a credit card is More than 18 years and not more than 21years old.
* Bank need the income proof especially from the age of 18 or 21 years old youngsters.
* The bank also declined the application of 18 to 21 years youngsters because of invalid income source.
Tip: Before applying for credit card check your source of income and it’s a valid income source because banks only desire is repayments.

5). Too Many Cards:

If you are paying many EMI’S, and half of your monthly income is credited to EMI’S the bank can also reject your application.
* If you are holding many credit cards then bank also declined your application.
* Too many credit cards make your credit score low.
If you have too many credit cards and the half of your income is credited in EMI’S but still you get the new credit card how just to mention your credit score pay you EMI’S on time never max out your limits.

6). Negative Field Investigation:

* While applying for a HDFC credit card or a loan. There is a field investigation through the bank.
* The details you provide while filling the application form, your address and Office address. I’d any of them not found properly then there is a Valid reason for the bank to decline the request for your credit card.
* Through this process the bank will check the stability of your house and Office.
When you fill the application of credit card or a loan form always provide really documents to proceed properly. Otherwise, bank has a valid reason to reject your application. Even you can’t do anything in this.
If you know about credit card an how to apply for at one time without rejection. You can check this post all about HDFC credit card.
How To Increase Credit Score:
* Pay you EMI’S on time.
*Never reached your Mac limit.
*Never take a loan without closing the old one.
*You in a regular way.
*Never missed you bill payments day.
These are  5 ways how you can increase your credit score in just 3 months because the credit card needs 3 months to update in a proper way.
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