The Hidden Reality Of Pre-Approved HDFC Credit Cards

Did you Know The “The Hidden Reality Of Pre-Approved HDFC Credit Cards”
We get almost numerous mails in a day to day basis, which have different kinds of mails from banks websites social networks and much more. In this the often scene mails are from different credit card companies depicting that they have approved your credit card and you can have it just with a click of a button! Well, sadly folks, you are getting tricked! These are baits from the different companies giving you a pre-approval in lowest possible interest. This is nothing but a pre-generated mail, most of the explanations for this have, said they see your credit score which they get from different areas but then the question is how are we getting mails, even though we have never used credit cards? Even there are children and different teenagers who own email address and even they get a request of pre- approved credit card services (even though they aren’t 18)! This is something which we can laugh at right now. So the main thing which we should know is these are fake! That right I said, fake!

The hidden reality of pre-approved HDFC credit cards

The Hidden Reality Of Pre-Approved HDFC Credit Cards

These credit card services sends you mails, just to fish you and drive you by giving the “too good to be true offers” to get you in their hands and make you own their credit card. But folks this is not all, the things are going to be real, if you click the mail which they sent you about their “pre-approval” you are going to be redirected to the domain, and you will know that you are actually applying for the credit card like all the other people in the world! Then the next step is there’s to take, they would search about you and your capability and weather you own a house, you are rich or poor, do you have a job or you are jobless, basically all the kinds of stuff they have their interest on which are concerned to them. And if you are not eligible to their criteria of evaluation you don’t pass then, your request would be cancelled.  I know you would say you didn’t request it in the first place but it’s the truth.
And please don’t have this image, without any pre-approval you can’t have credit card (s) you can and believe this that’s the utmost way you can trust them, because there are even online mass thieves who tend to collect your personal data with these kinds of proposal.
The other thing is if you do get approved, there is something called “credit score” yaah this is something you should be concerned about. If you apply from that pre-approved link, there are chances that you won’t get a credit card. But if you do and its out of limits in the basis of limits provisions and abilities, there are may be chances that you as a user & customer lose your credit score which is a huge problem if you wish to get loans, or if you are a frequent user of credit cards, may be there would be a hard time for you that companies won’t approve your credit card applications, just because your credit score is much less than there limits, or their approval status.
That’s why knowing your credit score is like knowing where you stand and where you should head to. Knowing of your credit score is like knowing where you should go.
 And there are places where credit score is also known by the name “Cibil score”.
There are different levels of credit scores which decide whether you are eligible or not. Starting from “0” to “750” and above, the person having under 600 is considered as poor, the person above 750 is rich or the other term is excellent, then its 700 to 750 which are said to be the average or “Good” then there are people in the range of 600 to 699 who are said to be the “Fair”. 
The best way is knowing your credit score and applying according to that, which type or where you are going to apply, by this way you can never get disappointed and you won’t get declined by anywhere if you know where you should apply for.

The reality behind these pre-approved credit cards are there are if seen clearly, is the banks advertisements to get customers or putting their company names in people’s minds just so that each person have their thoughts about this there are billions of people getting these mails, and millions do try it.  They can have their kind of profit by their kind of way, these methodes includes psychology, statistics and probability, nothing less nothing more.

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