6 Ways To Reset Your Credit Card Score

If you want to Reset or Repair your credit card score, it’s like to re-start a journey from the starting point. If you think them is a way to repair your credit card score within just a few days then you are probably wrong. If you are trying to fir your credit card score with the improper way it back is backfired as well.



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You can reset your credit card score very easily if you follow our instructions. We have many ways to increase credit card score or CIBIL score. Why need to repair this thing, I don’t think that I need to explain this we all know about credit card score and CIBIL score. Because these are the only things that bank check before starting the investigation properly. So follow the instructions were given below:

6 Ways To Reset Your Credit Card Score

We have six amazing ways to improve your credit score within two months.
6 Ways To Reset Your Credit Card Score
* If your credit score is less then 750? 750 is the ideal score in credit card industry. if you score 750 or 750+ then there is no change, that a bank rejects your request on the bases of your credit score. if don’t have 750 credit score then follow the steps.
*the most important and headmost thing is to do payments on time. If you pay your credit cards or loans EMI’S on time then your credit score will go high because this only process takes 35% of the credit score.
* If you don’t have the payment for paying the minimum due, then make them in the next week but never double your payment because these things can down your credit score as low they can. doesn’t matter you pay the whole payment of two months at the same time.
* If you make the double the payment dues then it means your one month last ( 30 days last ) and in a credit card that the huge time for the bank.that will absolutely drop down your credit score.

check your credit report:

* In the market many companies who will provide you your credit cards report once in a year for free. Some popular companies: Equifax, TransUnion these two companies were trustworthy.

* So ask for your credit card report from these companies for free and take the benefits of it. you can ask through email or by request.
* when you get the credit card reports, then check for the mistake you did in it. correct them without delay.

* you check your credit report on credit karma as well ( i am not forcing you to use credit karma. I like it because of it easy to use and very handy as well. ).

Pay outstanding payment:

* If you have outstanding credit card bill or loan EMI’S pay them without delay. It will help you to increase your credit score.
* If you carry bad account history like late payment after due date payment, or double the payment. This also effects on your credit score. And your credit score will go down.
* If you forget your pay date you can activate your Alerts system. Before your due date, you will receive SMS and. Email. So that you can pay your payment on time.
* Or you can also activate auto payment method, this facility is given by the bank to their customer’s so that they can pay their EMI’S or Bill on time. The amount will be credited from your account on the same date as you say.
* Always try to ignore minimum due, if you want really repair your credit score and never pay the minimum due because it increases your outstanding bill.
*Always try to make full payment of your amount. To continue be a good credit scorer.
* there are many ways to pay your credit card bill if you want you can check the HDFC credit card 6 ways to pay bills

Credit usage:

* It is another important factor in calculating the credit score. that how much you use your credit cards limits. its depend on your credit cards limit.
* The experts say that use your credits 30% only if you want to make your credit score always high. because it’s easy to mention.
* If you have one or more credit cards then you have to check that how much money you are using in a month and how frequent you are.

Never Delete Your Old Account:

* Never try to delete your old account history from credit cards history. Because its may bad effect on your credit score. don’t matter it’s your good or bad account history never delete. because it will directly effect on credit score.
* Sometimes you try to pay the outstanding amount and remove your history. we know the bad thing was too good for your account but, those things were deleted from their in some period of time automatically. So need to do anything with your account.
* If you clear an outstanding amount them why are you deleting that history from your report, because of its good for your accounts. it will help you to improve credit score.

Plan Your Credits:

* those people who have the very low credit score, why because they never plan for future how to repay the amount.
* When they are to able to repay the full amount to the bank, they start paying the minimum due which becoming suicide for a customer in credit card filed. As I already said above that never pay the minimum due.
* Some people, what they do just increase the credit limit start applying to many banks to increase their credit limit and also don’t have the way, how to repay the amount to the bank.
* Apply only when you really need money from the bank and before taking the make plans how to repay the amount to the bank.
* Use credit cards in a proper way otherwise your credit score will be hit by it and goes down. after that is you apply for credit card or a loan your application should be rejected.
* Always try to pay some principal amount with minimum due so that your remaining amount will be not be increased.