Why HDFC Credit Card is Better Then Other

what is credit card and how it’s work?

A credit card is an amazing feature of the bank that gives you plastic money.Plastic money means that you no need to carry cash in your wallet. because of the bank that gives you a plastic card with a limit, the plastic card or plastic money is also known as a credit card. Credit card, some of us think that credit card means extra money and they start some it blindly, it not the right way to use a credit card. Because in credit card you have to repay the amount that you spend, on time otherwise you have to pay late payment charges, interest ( which higher as you think ) or many other things are in that. A credit card is just for you to don’t carry cash with you.

Why is HDFC Credit Card Better Than Other?

Credit cards fee:-

Why HDFC Credit Card is Better Then Other

In credit card, the most important thing is credit card fee structure. If you don’t know about the fee structure and how its work in the credit card then you need to know about it first How do credit card billing cycles work?
Now I will show you that different credit cards with their joining fee and annual fee payment ( 1 year ). So look out below the table

Credits Card Name
Joining fee*
Annual fee for Year 1
Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card
State Bank of India Simply Click Credit Card
Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card
Citibank Cashback Credit Card
Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card
Amex Gold Card
Let’s compare the credit card with high reputed banks with their interest rate and joining fee. In credit card interest is the only problem for the credit card holder. in any case, the cardholder is to able to his bill on the time then he needs to face some hidden charges that he never knows about that. like interest rate will be increased after when cardholder paying the minimum due of the amount he spends, late charges it will be like 750, and so on.
Interest Rate Of The Banks
Joining Fee For The Banks
 State Bank of India

40.2% per annum
In the market there are some card with no joining fee, its depend on you, for what card are you applying
 HDFC Bank
between 38-42% per annum
Depends on the card one is applying for
 American Express
between 40-47.88% per annum
Starting at Rs.199
 IndusInd Bank
Up to 46% per annum
Up to Rs.5,999
Ranges between 38-42% per annum
In the market there are some card with no joining fee, its depend on you, for what card are you applying
 Axis Bank
Up to 39% per annum
Rs.500 onwards
 Kotak Mahindra Bank
Up to 39% per annum
In the market there are some card with no joining fee, its depend on you, for what card are you applying
you can see the picture of all credit card with their rate of interest and joining fees. HDFC credit card is the best credit card in the market and as well as in our country too, you can see the Top 5 HDFC credit cards . In  HDFC the rate of interest is very low as compared to the other banks. In credit card, when you apply for it, you can be seen some benefits of a credit card as a welcome gift from the bank, cashback on shopping, if you are using the credit cards for fule you will get 250 waived off on bill generation, through credit card you can book air ticket and get amazing cashback or vouchers.

The second thing in credit card is rewards points. different credit cards have different reward point scheme as we all know. In other credit cards, you can see that the reward points were expired after a certain time if rewards points are not used but in HDFC the reward point was never expired, you can use them when you needed it.

Easy option on EMI’S

How to reset credit card score then click on this link 6 ways to reset your credit card score with the simple ways.

Simple EMI’S

Hdfc credit card gives a huge range to buy the items, grocery items, or any other things, and the only thing after the purchase is how to repay the amount that spends. then HDFC credit card gives you a simple way to your bill with easy EMI’S.

how to use simple EMI’S

firstly look for a shop or outlet where the credit card was accepted, and then search for EMI’S are accepted or not. then buy any item that available on EMI’S some items were not available on EMI’S by the production company. If it will available on EMI’S then inform the store person for EMI option they will guide you for EMI.

Processing Charges: 

When you are buy something on EMI’S there is a nominal fee charged for processing or you have to pay one advance EMI for that item. For more information regarding that contact to the store manager of EMI department.
*Pay in EMI’S ( Equal monthly Instalments )
* No document was required for this.
* You will get them on the spot approval.
* Get regular rewards points even in EMI’S.

How to get reward points?

Simply there are no tricks for credit card rewards. If you want to get rewards then just make your payment with your credit card. And the bill on time without any delay, you will receive rewards point, that can be anywhere.
If you are looking for how to apply For a HDFC Credit Card credit card. there you got all information related to the credit card. if you know how to use a credit card then use it, If you don’t know then don’t use it because in credit card you and to pay 40% interest per annum, this means it’s not an easy thing to do.
To apply for credit card, the documents are requested by banks:

 1) proof of income
2) proof of address
3) proof of identity
1) In proof of income
* Salary slip ( last three month )
* Salary certificate
* If you are a self-employed then come with your required documents
2) proof of address
* Water bill
* Phone bill
* Aadhaar card
* Passport
* Ration card
3) proof of identity

* Pan card
* Aadhaar card
* Passport
* Voter ID card