How To Block And Unblock HDFC Credit Card

How To Block And Unblock HDFC Credit Card : There are many advantages of a HDFC credit card, no need to carry cash money our self or no need to worried about your HDFC credit card bills because credit cards gave you 50 interest-free day after the purchased date that is enough time for a credit card holder. If you miss your billing date then you have to pay interest. That will be expensive too.

How To Block And Unblock HDFC Credit Card

How To Block And Unblock HDFC Credit Card

A credit card is a very reasonable thing in that you need to be very careful about your credit card because through this facility you can be in a big trouble as well. In credit of you cross your credit limit, in that case, a bank can block your card in case of over limit use. If your card was blocked then there are two reasons behind it one is over the limit and the second one is late payment. These are the only reasons why a credit card is blocked.
We all know that the number of scam increase in credit cards. So this important for everyone to pay attention, how would you block your credit card. There is the various way that you can block your card. Whenever you feel like that you lost your credit card then you need to block your HDFC credit card immediately. To stop the scams.
If you lost your credit card and you don’t know about it then there is a serious problem my friend, if someone uses it and you don’t know, you will be liable for it. Because bank thinks that you used it and you make that fool. They don’t trust please be attentive for your credit card other you will be in a serious problem.

How To Block HDFC Credit Card?

If you have an HDFC Bank credit card, HDFC Bank gives a feature to their customers if they lost their HDFC credit card or the was theft then they can block their card through this process. If in any case some unknown transaction were done by your card, And you don’t know about it then you can also block your card.

How to Block HDFC Credit Card Through Helpline Number

*  Call at customer care helpline number and register your complaint about the credit card that you want and block it through customs Care.
*  The customer care is available on a Saturday and as well as Sunday and also on holidays. Because we don’t know about the future at what date or time we lost or theft of our credit card so this facility was available for the HDFC bank credit card.

*The HDFC credit card helpline number is active for 365 days. So you can call any time from anywhere to registered your complaint,  and no need to come anywhere for boost a request for blocking your credit card.
* If you are not at your place and lost your credit card or your card has been theft or anything else, you can call the helpline number of HDFC credit card  and boost a request of block your HDFC credit card as soon as possible or you can do his on your phone as well, just know your city/ state and boost your HDFC credit card block request. If you using the phone, you can click on it: “HELPLINE NUMBER” you will be redirected to the HDFC website.
* You can also call the toll-free number of HDFC  bank credit card center but the problem is that these features are available in some cities. The “toll-free number” is “1800 266 4332 1800”. Call it and check it is available or not.
* If you call with your “registered phone number” then this process will be much easier then other because it is easy for the customer care to identify your confirm your details which are given to the customer care.
*You can also go to the nearest branch of HDFC Bank by search on Google maps “HDFC Bank near me” to block HDFC credit card but ensure that you have your 16 digits number of  “credit card number” as well as any “customer ID” to confirm your detail, so that the request boost faster.

  How To Block HDFC Credit Card Online

* There is another option is net banking, if you have then followed the steps which are given down.
* Through net banking you can easily block your credit card. by just login to your net banking account through customs ID and password. And although net banking you can block your HDFC  bank credit card, you can also administer for a new credit card with a nominal fee, that will be affordable.
*If you have net banking then you have to log in to your net baking by using customer ID and password. When you log in your account and select the option “cards” from the upper bar of the homepage of HDFC Bank. then after card select “credit card” from the options given by clicking on cards and after that select “hotline”.
* After selecting “hotline” you will see so may option on your portal “select your credit card which you want to block and write a reason”, why are you want to block your credit card.
* Your credit card will be blocked. when you boost your request. In reprint case of credit card, the HDFC Bank will charge some around RS100 for reprint or hidden even theft, the fee charges will remain same for all.

How To Unblock Your HDFC Credit Card

* The unblock option is only for those people who cross the limit of their credit card or in case of late payment of the credit card.

Block Your HDFC Credit Card Through Helpline and Online

* To unblock your credit card you need to call the HDFC Credit Card helpline center to boost a request to unblock your credit card. Don’t unblock you credit while your credit card was hidden or theft eve reprint credit card in between someone will use it for other things.
* You need to visit HDFC credit card website and find the re-activation form from and download it after that full fill the form by necessary details and mail it to the HDFC credit card mail address. After all, verification did you will receive an email from HDFC that your credit card has been re-activated.
*If your card has been blocked without any information or reason you can visit the nearest branch of HDFC Bank o know the reason behind it, why your card has been blocked and re-activate it.
* You can also block your HDFC credit card through the SMS feature. Just SMS to the bank on banks SMS number, which you can find from the bank site and SMS to the bank that you lost your credit card and you want to block it as soon as possible.