All About HDFC Credit Card & How To Apply For This

How to apply HDFC Credit card !!

HDFC is the ruling Bank in our country, and it holds a big number of customer in India. HDFC bank provides a suitable credit card to their customer like some card were specially designed for women, co-branded card, airline cards and etc. so if you want a Hdfc Credit Card then you are on right place

All About HDFC Credit Card & How To Apply For This

HDFC ( HOUSING DEVELOPMENT FINANCE CORPORATION ) bank was found in early 1994. HDFC is the 15th greatest bank in India. HDFC Bank is the greatest bank in private sector in our country. so here is all about HDFC Credit Card

Why do you choose HDFC Credit card

HDFC credit card ensures you that they will always come with their customer prestige that will fetch you rebates and rewards. like
Lifestyle: When you spend Each and every single penny and through which you receive rewards on it you use them to buy special vendible or buy from the shop sells the thing, partners store.
Travel Benefits: With every traveling with your airline card, wast into for JPMiles. JPMiles help you to get fabulous offer’s and you will get the incredible discount on the roadmap.
Other benefits: They give unique prerogative ranging for women to buy exclusive things on easy EMI option or low-cost EMI’s options. That makes HDFC credit very good in the market.
Top ten credit card of HDFC with their offer’s

HDFC bank affords a wider range an of credit card to their customer so that HDFC can fulfill their customer’s needs. And these cards affords many varieties of features and other benefits, including roadmaps, feast, and some others.

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These are the top 10 credit cards hits 

These are the top 10 Hdfc Credit Card apply with their looks and basic information:-
Name of the card Joining Fee (In Rs) Annual Fee (In Rs) Key Feature
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club 10,000 5,000 Jetprivilege Miles (JP) accrual programme
HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Card 10,000 5,000 (Fee waiver applicable if the previous years’ spend equals Rs.5 lakh) Reward points can be redeemed for AirMiles
HDFC Bank Regalia Card 2,500 2,500 (Fee waiver applicable if the previous years’ spend equals Rs.3 lakh) Complimentary Club Vistara Silver membership
Doctor’s Superia Card 2,500 2,500 Reward points redemption at international airlines and a complimentary Priority Pass membership
HDFC Bank Regalia First Card 1,000 1,000 (Fee waiver applicable if the previous years’ spend equals Rs.1 lakh) Complimentary Priority Pass Membership and annual spend benefits
HDFC Bank Diners Rewardz Card 1,000 1,000 (Fee waiver applicable if the previous years’ spend equals Rs.1 lakh) Reward points can be redeemed for booking air tickets and hotels and air miles
HDFC Bank Titanium Times Card 500 500 Discounts on movies and dining
HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card 500 500 Redeem reward points for cash
Snapdeal HDFC Bank Card 500 500 20 reward points on every Rs.150 spent at Snapdeal
HDFC Bank Platinum Times Card 1,000 1,000 Around-the-year discounts at partner movie (25% off) and dining outlets (20% off)

All About HDFC Credit Card & How To Apply For This

Do You want to apply for HDFC credit card ??

If yes, then read it below, its benefits and losses
A credit card was offering a large number of benefits and easy ways to use. Hdfc Credit card have there own profits and losses. with accommodation, And also credit card has the sizable impact on the growth of the country. If the HDFC credit card were not used proper manner by the cardholder, then the customer has to pay the interest, which is depending on your use, the customer is to able to pay the full amount of, he spends in that condition, customer need to pay the minimum amount due. In the case where a customer is not available to pay the minimum due, the rate of interest will be increased and the amount will be added to the next bill generated.

What is the minimum due?

minimum due is the amount when a customer is not able to pay the full amount their Hdfc credit card which is used, in these cases bank calculate the interest, amount which used by the customer and the bank send an amount which is lower than your full amount. Actually, the bank gave you an easy way to pay the amount, this is a kind of trap was everyone stuck because we all seen the minimum due which lower than the actual amount, but I will tell you that if you pay the minimum due for the first time, the minimum due will be increased through the banks term and condition.
that’s the only reason why credit cared were not for everyone
If you are a Hdfc credit card holder, you don’t know how to use it then you are on the right way. If you use the credit cards in a correct style. Pay the amount before the due date uses it regularly the bank gives you different kind of offer’s and incredible discounts as well. And you also got few more offer’s on fuel for a certain amount. those can be used for next time.

If you want to apply for HDFC Credit card online?

 HDFC was established in August 1994, its first corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and right now its headquarter also in Mumbai, Maharashtra. HDFC Bank main focus on the private sector, because hdfc bank gave products and services which are exclusive and favorable for the customer.
housing loan, wholesale banking, retail banking, toe wheeler loan and etc. some of them are extremely highlighted.

Do you want to apply for an HDFC credit card through HDFC official website?

If you want to really apply for the credit card then you should follow these step for applying :
* The customer has to visit the website of HDFC Bank, this is the link is given to you: HDFC BANK
* when you visit the website then you will see an option on top of the bar, an option is a card
* When you opt the cards option, you will be seen two other options one is credit card and another one is a debit card. select the right option, which is credit card
* If you know the term and condition of your card, then select option apply now and if you don’t, then choose another option is know more and read about the cards which for you are applying for.
* After these steps, you will complete your first step towards applying for credit cards.
* doing all this, in case that you click on the “apply now” you will be taken over to the next page.
* on that page you will find a form that will be given by the bank.
* In that form you have to fill some basic information about your self.
* Then fill up the form and be submissive it, then the bank contact you soon.
* You can check your form footprint, with the reference number.
If you are not able to apply for HDFC credit through this process there is another way to apply 

The customer has to go to the HDFC Bank website, which is: HDFC Bank
* Then you will find some option on the upper bar, as you can see an option apply now please click on it.
* where you can find out the apply now option from the bar tap and select it
* After doing all these, you can see these two option use customer id and mobile number to continue and another one is use mobile number to continue
* Choose anyone for your comfort level.
* Afterwards you will find a form, in that form they will ask yousix general questionand they are:-
 1) Name and  Gender
  2) Date of birth
  3) Mobile number
  4) Residence 
  6) Employment details
* you can also contact the customer care for any inquiry. related to credit cards. the toll-free number is: 1800-266-4332
You can also apply for HDFC credit card through HDFC Branch 

* You want to apply for HDFC credit card through their branch, and still facing problems then you are in the right place. just follow these easy steps for applying
*The customer contact the nearest branch of HDFC Bank. You can find it on google maps ” HDFC Bank near me

when you reach the bank go to the inquiry counter, got the credit card form from it just fill up the form and submit it with its required information and documents.
* In credit card you have tocheck the eligibility criteria which is required,you can read the requirements on the back side of your form.
* if you are eligible then no worries, if you do not meet the eligible then your form will be rejected. And you will be notified by the bank
* In any case if you will face any kind of problem you can directly contact the customer care of HDFC Bank any time.the customer care is 24*7, The Toll-free number is:1800-266-4332
You can also apply for HDFC credit card through another website like Bankbazaar
* If you are facing a problem with HDFC Bank website you can also apply for it through other websites like
* Click on the upper link to go to the Bankbazaar website. where you can be seen an option on upper bar “cards”
All About HDFC Credit Card & How To Apply For This.
* After clicking the cards option you can see the two more option one is a “debit card and another one credit card that what are you are finding. then select check eligibility button.
* After then, a form will be open in front of your screen in which they will ask you some few questions like
1)Select city to check your eligibility
2)Ask for the company were are you working
3)My net monthly salary is
4)My salary is deposited to ( select the bank )
5)My existing credit cards are with ( if you have )
6)What’s your age (years completed)?
7)Need to talk? Leave your number.
*These are the seven-step you need to follow for applying for an HDFC credit card.

Why buy HDFC credit card from a financial website like Bankbazaar?

When you are buying credit cards through this website, it’s easy to buy. Bankbazaar is a marketplace of credit cards, you can easily compare the all credit cards online only on Bankazaar and it’s free. Bankbazaar has all information about credit cards and debit cards.
From Bankbazaar you can easily buy any credit cards according to your needs, you can also compare all profits and losses. Because Bankbazaar has all data of credit cards those are available in the market. you can easily buy HDFC credit card Bank from Bankbazaar.
* So you can easily buy an HDFC credit card for your self by just clicking on “apply now”
Documents Required forHDFC Bank credit card:
* If you going to apply for an HDFC credit card, you need two ( 2 ) passport size photos
* You need address proof for you address confirmation, like aadhaar card or anything which is proof of your address
* They can also ask you for your pan card or form 16 because these are the documents were needed for credit cards.
Eligibility Criteria For HDFC Credit Card:
If your age is less than 21 years and more 65 years then your not eligible for HDFC credit card or for any credit card.
* If your salary is two lakhs or more than two lakhs you are able to apply for HDFC credit card
* if you are self-employed, your income must be 1.5 lakhs or more than it