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So are you Already applied for a HDFC Credit Card Or renewing one! as you know Hdfc is Most Popular Private Bank with Largest The Customer Base. So This Bank Is One of The Highly Authorize Bank In India

UPDATE- Now You Can Check All Type Of Information In This Website Related To HDFC Bank Credit Card Like How You Can a HDFC Credit Card Net Banking Account or How You Can Easily Pay The Bill Payment Of HDFC Credit Card, ETC. so Cheek This all.

Hdfc Credit Card Status

if you applying for a HDFC credit card then you will get many deals and offers by them you can easily buy anything by your hdfc credit card… so the question is where you can check your HDFC Credit Card Status 

Note- If Your HDFC Credit Card status is not approved then read this article –

HDFC Credit Card Status – Login | Payment and Net Banking Options

First Click on Below given Link Hdfc Official

HDFC Credit Card Status

Click Here To Check Your Status

Now a new window will open with a page like this

HDFC Credit card status, login, payment and net banking

Now you need to put some details of your application like application number and “mobile number” or “date of birth” and then click on submit.

after clicking submit then this website will show your HDFC Credit Card Status .now enjoy your HDFC credit card and if you face any problem then contact any HDFC branch near your.

but if your HDFC credit card status Is Approved then you can take many advantages and also purchase goods offline and online without any hassle

About Your HDFC credit Card Status

here are some important articles:

You can check your hdfc credit card balance in hdfc ATM or You can call the toll-free number 1800 266 4332 for any credit card related queries including HDFC Bank credit card outstanding balance. you will get many discounts and cashback on shopping.

The best part of HDFC credit card is that you will get the best service support if you have any problem and inquiry regarding your Credit Card then they will help you.


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if you are new to familiar with hdfc then Let’s take a look on HDFC all Credit cards and their advantages llike HDFC Credit Card PAYMENT 

talk about that what is credit card first:-

A Credit card is a virtual money or you can say plastic money, why because if you have a credit card then you no need to carry cash money with you in metropolitan cities. Why because metropolitan cities are welled mentioned and developed. So most of the people were using plastic money to buy anything they want and they use in a regular way, its a part of their life. But you are living in non-metropolitan cities then you will face some problem with the credit card, maybe not anyone will accept cards and all. So I personally feel like that credit card is more comfortable for metropolitan cities rather than non-metropolitan cities.
The card you have or you are applying for, that all credit cards are depending on your salary. A credit card has there limit and employes also have the same. So the credit card is based on the income that you earn
here all version of HDFC Credit Card
1.Featured Cards
2.Super Premium Cards
3.Co-brand Cards
4.Professional Cards
5.Premium Travel Cards
6. Premium Women Cards
7.Premium Cards
8.Regular Cards
9. Commercial Cards
10. Cashback Cards

1. Featured Cards

In featured cards, you can see these four cards:
a) JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Signature
b) Platinum Times Card
c) Diners Club Black
d) MoneyBack

a) JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Signature:

JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Signature is specially designed for those people who travel through the airlines. Because In JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Signature credit is only make for traveling so that those people can same their money and get their tickets from anywhere anytime. JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Signature is accepted throughout the world.
Features (Effective Oct 1st, 2017)
* After every purchase you can earn miles and boost up the miles on airline booking through Jetairways.
* Enthusiastic check-in and also allowed with extra gear allowances.
* You get access to the lounge in India and throughout the overseas
* You will get one JP Tier point on your every spends of rupees two lakhs. This this the way you can move faster on for your higher JP Tier.
* You can enjoy lounge facilities at the airport while you are waiting for your flight in India and all over the world.
* If you spend rupees 3 lakhs in a year, you will get your renewal fee waived off.
* You can be extended your JP miles validity for next five years.
* You can receive up to 10,000 as welcome benefits on JP Miles.
If you are salaried:
Minimum age is required for this card 21 years old.
Maximum age is required for this card is 60 years old.
If you are self-employed
The minimum age for this card is 21 years old.
The maximum age for this card is 65 years old.

b) Platinum Times Card

When you buy this card this card you will get into an exclusive platinum privilege and also you will get rewards points and deals when you shop or truncation with HDFC Platinum Timecard. This card was specially designed for the today’s entertainment, dining, shopping and for other things So that you can get exciting offers.
* If you buy movie ticket through this card you will get 25% waived and for, dining you will get up to 20% waived. (only at participating outlets )
* You get the book of the voucher as a welcome gift.
* You will get 3 rewards points on every spend of 150 Rs. and also get 10 reward point on every spend of dining in a weekend ( only Monday to Friday ).
* You will get movie discounts of 1,800 or more than in a year.
* You will also get a big discount of RS. 9,600 or more than in every year.
* Save your 1500 on fule transaction in a year use this card.
* If you lost your credit card and you report it at the call center of HDFC credit card, after that you will not liable for the Transactions after you lost your card.
If you are salaried:
  • Minimum age is required for this card 21 years old.
  • Maximum age is required for this card is 60 years old.

If you are self-employed

  • The minimum age for this card is 21 years old.
  • The maximum age for this card is 65 years old.

c) Diners Club Black:

If you are searching for a credit card which provides you traveling offer’s, lifestyle benefits, golf advantage and other benefits then you should apply for HDFC Diners Club Black credit card because this card provides you everything you want. This card has awesome rewards programs and this card also gives insurance protection to all their cardholder.
* You can earn 5 rewards points on every spend of rupees 150 at retail store.
* If you want you can also earn 10 rewards points on same spend of rupees 150, if spend on HDFC Diners Club Black website.
* You can choose your golf club in India like a green fee payer.
* Redeem your 10,000 rewards points as a worth (travel) voucher of rupees 10,000 on your travel booking.
* You can also redeem this rewards points for air ticket, hotels and at travel and entertainment portal of HDFC. To go to the portal you can click here HDFC Diners Club Black.
* They will give you air accedent cover of worth rupees of 2 cr.
* they also give you medical expenses coverage of worth rupees of 50 lac.
* Through this Diner Club Black credit card you will get free access at airport lounge in India and throughout the word.
* This upper feature is a complementary, only for primary cardholder.
If you are salaried:
  • Minimum age is required for this card 21 years old.
  • The net worth of monthly income is > 1.75 lac. Per month.
  • Maximum age is required for this card is 60 years old.
If you are self-employed
  • The minimum age for this card is 21 years old.
  • Net worth of income is ITR >RS. 21 lac. p.a (per annum)
  • The maximum age for this card is 65 years old.

d) Money Back

If you are looking for a credit card and you to eran from it even when you were spending money every day, then HDFC money back credit card is the best choice for it. You can enjoy your cashback on your necessary or non-necessary buying and you get amazing privileges.
* You can enjoy you fule surcharge waived up to 250. From any fule station of all over India. ( The offers remain same ).
* When you spend of rupees 150 then you can earn 2reward points and if you spent this amount of on online then you will get 3x reward points.
* Get 20 to 50 interest-free days on your shopping, from the day your purchase.
* Zero percent liability when you lose your credit card, if you inform the bank after that, within 24 hours.
* When you make payment with this card for fuel you can save up to 1,800 in a year through this card.
* If you spend 50,000 prover in a quarter of a year then you will get 500 E voucher.
* You can use your reward points as a cashback on your HDFC money back credit card ( 100 reward points = worth rupees 20 )
* Get 2000 cashback on your credit card when you spend rupees 2.5 lac on your card. (50% of your spend teacher on business (related) ).
If you are salaried:
  • Minimum age is required for this card 21 years old.
  • Maximum age is required for this card is 60 years old.
If you are self-employed
  • The minimum age for this card is 21 years old.
  • The maximum age for this card is 65 years old.

2.Super Premium Cards 

a) HDFC Infinite Credit Card

You are searching for a credit card which has no limits? Are you always tensed about your credit card credit limit or spending limit? Or your thinking that paper-money is a kind of a headache for you?

Then I have a solution to your problem. The HDFC Infinia Credit Card comes with the 10 lakh rupees with a minimum limit and doesn’t worry about spending limit because this card comes with a unique feature, that ps NPSL ( No Pre-set Spending Limits ). Your card has been safe from fraud transactions.

The HDFC Infinia Credit Card is an ideal credit Card for everyone because this card has no limits.


 a) Premium  Travel Privileges:

1) Complimentary Club Vistara Gold Membership:  

  • You can earn ten vistara club points when you used rupees hundred on all vistara flights.
  • You will get lounge access
  • You will get ten kg additional luggage allotment.
  • You will get assured reservation in Economy class.
  • Lowest foreign currency exchange fee: 
  • We knew that international travel is an essential part of your life. So your HDFC credit card provides you the cheapest foreign exchange at the rate of two percent ( 2% ) on all currency. 

bExclusive Lifestyle Privileges:

1) Personal Attendant Service: 

  • As we all know that there are many things that we can’t buy through money or compare with money. with our PersonalAttendant Services, we try to make your life easier So that you can live your movement. And even you can put your interest towards us. through this, you will get the piece of mind at where ever you are. 
  • To be an HDFC Infinia creat cardholder you can design your travel, celebration or business with the experience of our Personal Attendant Service.
  • It never matters that you are looking for a private yacht or rent a chartered flight or giving flowers or gifts to your loved ones. The all deluxe offers are just one call away from you

This is the toll-free number of HDFC Infinia credit card for the personal attendant: 1800 118 887 or landline number is: 022 42320226 or you can Email as well the email id is:

* Joining fee                                       —  thirty thousand ( 30,000).

* Annual Renewal Membership Fee  —  ten thousand (10,000).

* Interest Rate for revolving Balance —  1.99% Per month.

* Foreign Currency Make-up             —  two percent ( 2% ). ( on every transaction ).


* You can earn five rewards point with every Rs.150 spend with your HDFC infinia credit card.

* Get 10 reward points on your every spent of rupees 150 and also enjoy 2x rewards points through this:

 a) For booking for anything from

 b) spending on dining ( stand-alone restaurant only )

 c) If you are booked a flight from

* You can also redeem you reward points through this:

 a) If you book your tour through this website:

 b) Get exciting gifts from the exclusionary rewards catalog.

* The reward point was valid for only three years. for example: if you will get a reward point today on the 7th of July 2018 then your reward points will be expired on 7th July 2021.

* You can withdraw up to 40% of your Infinia credit card limit. the cash withdrawal is free of charge that means no charges on cash withdrawal.

* The Infinia credit card holder get 50 interest-free days. The 50 days will be calculated from the date of purchase.


 If you want to apply for this HDFC Infinia credit card then you have to get an invitation from the bank for more inquiry contact with HDFC bank. For more information about HDFC Infinia credit card.

b) HDFC Regalia Credit Card 

If you are looking for a credit card which provides you with a large number of offers, luxury and travel benefits as well? You want a high rewards points on you ever spent?

You want a credit card which suites with your lifestyle. Then you have amazing credit card option, which is HDFC Regalia Credit Card. Because the Regalia credit card it gives you a huge range of features and benefits as well that you want and this card comes with chip card that is hugely protected and you can use this car for all kinds transactions.


* Get the cheapest interest rate on your overall due payment. The interest rate is 1.99%. And you get the 50 interest-free days to pay your an outstanding bill.

* Enjoy exclusionary offers from the retailer such as matrix cellular by using the HDFC Smart Buy feature. ( you can find this option on HDFC portal ).

*Feel free with highly protected and with accepted everywhere. the card it comes with the chip feature and also with the magnetic strip.

* You can enjoy five kg additional luggage on travel allowances. ( only with vistara flights ).

*  This is the finest multi-airline card and also comes with deluxe lifestyle and travel benefits.

* You can increase your rewards points.

* First Year Fee   —  2500/- + Taxes

Renewal Fee    —   2500/- + Taxes


  1. You can enjoy four (4) reward points on every spent of rupees 150.
  2. You can avail medical emergency insurances up-to15 lakhs when you traveling abroad.
  3. Get the 1 crore air accident insurance, for primary cardholder. this insurance is only applicable when the cardholder is injured in an air accident and suffering from bodily injury or death within 12 months of the accident.
  4. Get the cheapest foreign currency exchange at the rate of 2%. on all currency.
  5. You can redeem your rewards points on online mobile recharge, movies ticket booking, hotel booking, flight tickets. through HDFC Regalia online portal.
  6. The reward points will expire after two years.
 If you spent 3 lakh rupees in a year then the renewal fee of your credit card is waived. To know more about HDFC Regalia Credit Card.
If you are salaried:
  • Minimum age is required for this card 21 years old
  • Maximum age is required for this card is 60 years old.
  • The salary will be 1,20,000 or more to apply for this card.
If you are self-employed:
  • The minimum age for this card is 21 years old.
  • The maximum age for this card is 65 years old.
  • The salary will be, ITR >RS. 12 lac. or more to apply for this card.

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